Friday, January 25, 2013


Can't say if the blog is dying a slow death or just taking a break, but at least it's alive for now.

A deep-winter family trip to Florida brought out the shorts, tee-shirts, and swim trunks along with the big camera.  We designed a trip to avoid crowded freeways and theme parks -- not an easy undertaking in the Sunshine State!

A quick overnight in Fort Lauderdale and we we're off to the everglades:

Dodging alligators on Shark Valley Road:

Alligators?  Yep -- they're used to humans, basically harmless, and impossible not to see.  But still quite a treat to check out for this Colorado family.

Here's a Mama alligator with a baby on her back:

To get the full swamp experience we booked a kayaking trip with a guide down the Turner River.  (They call it a river, and apparently water does actually flow through it, but it was more or less like paddling in a wetland/swamp).

The kids learning some swamp paddling skillz:

The paddles had to go in the boat for a few places:

A turtle in the swamp:

 And a butterfly:

From there it was on to the beach:
Not too hard to find a shell on this beach:

Z Made the most of a few small waves:

Sun and Sea put on a good show every night:

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