Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tour de 'Tooth

Inspired by a ride Jeff conceptualized last year, three of us set out with the goal of riding every trail** in Horsetooth Mountain Park yesterday. The weather was ideal; sunny and almost 60. But sooner or later winter will be here and this ride felt like a bookend on the season.

**Note for sticklers: only bike-legal trails, not all service roads, and we ended up missing small sections of Stout and Mill Creek.

The intended route looked like this:
We only made one revision: we bailed on the upper Stout loop at the end as we ran just a bit short on time.

In case you think I might be fibbing about the beautiful day, evidence:

It was easy to grin early on:
Bikes being ridden:
And a great feeling at the finish:

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Warm Up Day

Took advantage of the Veteran's Day holiday and headed up to the pass to have a look around. Didn't know if we'd be hiking or skiing, but ended up being the latter. Still early season and the snow is thin, but we hit it on just the right day...

Socked in:

November doing a very good impression of December.
Exhibit 1:

and Exhibit 2 (staring Bob):

TW locks the heel (boooo!)

and the cameraman (photo by TW)

And for the grand finale, a moose:

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Seven (!)

M turned seven (!) last week.


We held the big shindig on Saturday.

Highlight: S takes Z out for the count. :)