Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Historic Snow Pack

Up high in the mountains in our neck of the woods it's been an incredible snow year. We skied powder day after powder day and knew it was good. But now were seeing just how big a year it really was. Snow pack measurements are showing 200% of normal, but the proof is easy to see for yourself.

I skied a favorite line of mine on Sunday and took a picture from the same place as when I skied the line 2 years ago (pretty much an average year).

April 2009:

May 2011:

Fun. The boaters are frothing at the mouth waiting for the river to come up. Almost makes me want to take up kayaking again. Almost. :)

And the result of playing around with my new camera. Music is by Steve Martin. Yes, *that* Steve Martin.

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Harvey44 said...

Nice skiing, great tunes! Looks like you are livin the life.