Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Have you ever wished you could bottle a moment in time? I’m sitting at my desk here in Colorado on a cool, windy, dry March day trying to uncork a minute from just a week ago in Hawaii.

Its 78 degrees, with a refreshing ocean breeze blowing; my hair and board shorts are still wet from the ocean and I can feel the salt water in my nose. My mind is fully converted to “island time” where I don’t have a schedule and the constant and reassuring sound of the surf is always in the background like a rocking chair for my psyche. The recent gentle rush of riding a surfboard down a wave has left a smile on my face and the excitement of swimming next to a sea turtle is still palpable. I’m watching the kids. Z is imitating the older teenagers launching off waves with a boogie board and M is playing contentedly in the sand and surf.

It’s just a fleeting instant, but it’s a good one; a vacation in every sense of the word.

And in pictures:

M cruises a wave:

Z could not get enough of the surf:

The majestic Na Pali coast, bird's-eye view:
Cliff hike:

Gotta make your own shade:
Swimming with the fishies:

Sun up:

to sun down:

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Chris said...

nice work. just got back from costa rica and feel the EXACT way - would like to have only a few minutes of it here.