Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tour de Flores

Inspired by the pending Firecracker 50, I came up with this ride in Horsetooth: see if I could maximize the total vertical feet climbed with bottom (almost) to top climbs.

Took the day off work and mostly managed to dodge the rain/hail/lightening.

First climb: feeling humid, but cool:

Flowers every which way:

After two climbs and about 3 hours I stopped by the van for a pb&j:

The final two climbs hurt a little more, so the camera stayed away.

Awesome ride in a painful sort of way.

5 hours in the saddle, 32 miles and 7,800 vertical feet climbed. Whew.


Anonymous said...

Did you notice that the current picture on the blog only has 7 feet?

ifihadaboat said...

Yep - just seeing if anyone is paying attention. :)