Monday, January 19, 2009

Nicaragua Trip 2009 - Part 2

On Friday, for something completely different, we traveled back to Managua to catch the puddle-jumper (1.5 hour flight) to the Corn Islands.

Our destination, Little Corn Island, was still another short taxi ride and wild (bummmpy) boat ride from the airport.

“Two chunks of sand 40 miles east of Nicaragua, the Corn Islands are the Caribbean in its primal state. Beaches are empty and wet T-shirt contests won’t make landfall for another 20 years. What to do? Just wander around with a snorkel, a cerveza, and a grin.”
True words. But since the quote above was written in the Outside magazine waiting in my mailbox when I arrived home as a part of their “Affordable Caribbean” special, it won’t stay this way for long.

We infused our bodies with salt water, snorkeled off the beach, searched for beach treasures, and took to the funky Creole-Nicaraguan hybrid culture of the island for five relaxing days.

Memories of easily seeing hoards of tropical fish and sting rays while snorkeling, waking to outrageous sunrises and spending hours on a remote beach combing the sand for hermit crabs and shells highlight our time in this remote and amazing little corner of the world.

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LaTonya Bynum said...

Too bad it is in the low 40's in Arkansas. Pics are beautiful.

(waving from Arkansas)