Sunday, December 7, 2008

Good Stuff

Had a downright enjoyable ski day yesterday. Sketchy avalanche conditions and a windy forecast steered us to a well-known spot. It tends to be crowded, but it's got a 45 minute + skin in as a price of admission and so there's often snow for everyone. There's a reason for it being well known, too: it holds great snow, offers open bowl skiing, and has minimal slide danger.

Anyway, we hit the jackpot there yesterday with fluffy untracked ultra-consistent snow that lasted even as the crowds showed and all the way through 7 runs. (This hardly phased our strong crew, but had my legs quivering by the end of the day.)

Pictures tell the story:

View one direction:

And the other:

I goch 'er christmas trees right here:


And down:


Chris said...

nice shots. glad you had good conditions. it was less than stellar a few peaks to the south.....

sda said...

that top image is my favorite. nice shot.