Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sign of the times

So here's a little typical conversation between an eight-year-old and his Dad.

Dad: "Hey Z, check out the picture of the gecko your Auntie sent you from Bali (!).
Eight-year-old: "Cool. Maybe I'll draw her a picture."
Dad: "Might take a while to get to Bali in the mail, though."
Eight-year-old: "Right. Why don't you just scan it and post it up on the blog?"


In other parenting news, M lost a tooth last night (and almost swallowed it!). So as I tuck her into bed she says "Maybe I should dream about the Tooth Fairy coming and then my dream can come true." Today I ask her if the Tooth Fairy came. She says "yes" (a dollar bill and 6 quarters -- what kind of Tooth Fairy gives 6 quarters?). So I say "Then your dream came true, right." And she says "Well, not exactly 'cause in my dream the tooth fairy gave me a thousand dollars." :)

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