Monday, April 21, 2008

Skiing No Name Peak

This is No Name - the striking mountain closest to Highway 14 on the south side of the road just over the pass. The "Z Couloir" is the somewhat obvious line right from the top (looks rather more like an "S" to me, but whatever). We set out for the top with a crew of 4 on a beautiful, but windy, April Sunday.

The appeal for me of spring skiing is the longer, warmer days and the solidifying snow pack allowing more casual excursions and safer conditions for those steep lines that have been calling to you all winter.

It's hard to guess at conditions when we've been playing soccer and riding bikes in shorts in town. But we were happy to see winter snow consistency above tree line.

The climb was straightforward and only really steepened for the last bit. Upon reaching the ridge we stepped into the full brunt of the wind (steady 50 mph?), but thankfully only for a short last stretch to the top.
The skiing was aesthetic and fun. Conditions varied widely with aspect, but where the snow was good it was superb.
All in all a great day in a breathtaking little corner of the world. Scratched the itch for the time being...

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