Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Goin' West in the Westy (5)

It was hard not to start feeling a little anxious to be home, but a good soak in the Steamboat Hot Springs Pool and a beautiful, cool night of camping on Rabbit Ears Pass seemed to go quickly.

All of the sudden we were headed over our own Cameron Pass...

...and home.

Other random reflections, thoughts and ramblings:
Schedule. There were times when we wondered if we tried to see too much in too short a time, but mostly the pacing seemed fine. There were places I would have liked to have spent more time and detours I would have taken, but that would always be true not matter the trip length.

Family Dynamic. Z and M are getting to ages where their own friends are most important and their interests are unique so it was fun to watch them play together and so well for so much time. It was also great to have a "break" in the middle of the trip where they had Oso and Levin to play with.

I wonder what the kids will "take" from the trip. For Molly it's probably mostly "experiential." She'll remember the feel of the ocean, the smell of the van, and the sounds of the voices from the Little House on the Prairie CDs. Zach, I think, may most remember the wildlife. Especially seeing an Osprey dive for a fish in the Columbia and the bears in Yellowstone. The tide pools and crabbing with Susie and Paul also seem to stand out in his mind.

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